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Lunar Green Moon Large Chrysoprase Pendant

Lunar Green Moon Large Chrysoprase Pendant


The Anoona Green Moon Large Chrysoprase Pendant makes a striking statement.  A classic Anoona 30mm handcarved polished chrysoprase stone inset with a 0.10-carat round white diamond on a 60cm 18k yellow gold chain. This distinctive jewel showcases the unique vibrancy and charm of the hardstone chrysoprase.

Made to Order

Anoona Jewels are serene, crafted like poetry, imbued with a personal touch, a subtlety of colour and texture. The Anoona Woman has an assured sense of self, a soft femininity belies a natural confidence and poetic spirit.

Anoona jewels are exquisite, luxurious, crafted.

In every creation there is a tangible connection between the designer, artisan and wearer.